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This 10th of February, Musiclab made the first experimental session of 2011. The team members, with the collaboration of i2cat Foundation and Iglor, faced the challenge that musical interpretation on the Internet brings.

MUSICLAB interacció musical life online
The aim of this session was to sort out the difficulty of synchronizing the signal of several musicians while playing a musical piece together, from different places.

In this sense, the “delay effect” that’s caused by the asynchrony in the bit streams of image and audio when travelling through the net, was the main issue that we had to face. Nonetheless, we could stablish an image and sound stabilization protocol to make this viable and enable the possibility of playing music in group despite the distant geographic locations of the interpreters.

This is a summary clip from the Citilab Youtube channel, in which the musician Ramón Rodríguez (indoeuropean music specialist) participated.

Next experimentation sessions will study the viability of these results, in order to face a more demanding experience in a conventional music festival.


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