By the musician Javier Vaquero.
Adapting jazz standards in a Flamenco perspective.

The MusicLab Audition by musician Javier Vaquero we presented different resources to adapt musical arrangements to merge jazz and flamenco. For nearly an hour we could access the work of the re interpretation of modern music standards from a Flemish perspective. The basics of the session focused on playing techniques, understanding of rhythm and harmony adapting to fit the melody in measures of amalgam.

Javier Vaquero we presented the foundations of what will be his next album, which currently is in the midst of recording, and hopes to be on the market in the coming months.

The online tracking of the session came to meet the expectations of Musiclab. In short, a new hearing based on the Coculture, equal Connecting Cultures. Analyzing the fundamental musical elements. Diferents styles. Developing artistic elements of an open discourse. Open the doors from the bridges that generate the cultural glob.

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